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About Books & Blogging

Books & Blogging is a website about exactly what its name implies.

We're devoted to writing about topics involving books, reading, words, blogging, writing and WordPress.

Read more below about the various areas on our website.

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CaffeineJournal, a multi-purpose blog, started during the pandemic.

Then, like an amoeba, it split into two. This is the left hemisphere of what used to be CaffeineJournal.

Books and Blogging

Book Reviews

We love books! While we love reading books in the fantasy, literary fiction, and self-help genres, we read in all categories.

You might find new books here, but you also might find reviews and commentary on very old books.

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WordPress, Blogging & Writing

I'm a WordPress enthusiast and would-have-been writer sharing her insights on all of the above.

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Sloth Makes a Blog

SMAB is a WordPress tutorial series I started for fun a while back following a sloth making a WordPress blog. Hopefully, it will live here from now on.



We keep a small calendar of book-related events: new releases we (or our readers) are looking forward to, dates in literary history, and literary or WordPress - related events added by our readers.

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Glossary & Shop

Our glossaries include WordPress terms and we may include other glossaries as well.

Our shop has a few gift suggestions for the reader or blogger.

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