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We love words. So we've added glossaries both for fun and to supplement some of our content.

If you have an applicable term to add you can suggest one or edit a term. This page includes all terms in any of our glossaries.

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  • Anchor Link
    An anchor link is a specific kind of HTML link that links to a specific place in a document.
    Anchor links are very useful to help your website visitor navigate through a long post, or can help you refer to a specific place on another page. Read More
  • Avatar
    An image that a person uses online to represent themselves. It can be either a picture of a person or a character or image to represent an alter-ego for their online persona. Read More
  • Axinomancy Square Image
    Axinomancy is a form of divination involving reading the movements of an axe, typically interpreting the quivering of the blade or the swinging of the axe after it is thrown. Read More
  • cPanel
    cPanel is a graphical user interface (GUI), generally Linux-based, that allows the user easier control over all the aspects of a website. Read More
  • CSS
    CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is a convenient way to designate styles for HTML elements on a web page. Read More
  • Favicon
    A favicon is the small 16 x 16 pixel image that identifies a website in the browser tab. Read More
  • Fernweh
    From German; Farsickness. The opposite of homesickness. The longing for far-off places; sometimes places you've never been. Read More
  • Frumious
    From the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, 1871. Meaning furious, fuming, angry. Read More
  • Gravatar
    Gravatar is a portmanteau for Globally Recognized Avatar and is a user image associated with an email address. The Gravatar is then used whenever that email address is used for comments or post authorship on websites which have Gravatar enabled. Read More
  • Heading Block
    Here's what the heading block is in WordPress and how to use it. Read More
  • Image Block
    All about the image block and how to use it. Read More
  • Liminal definition
    At a sensory boundary or threshold, a transitional state between one stage and the next as in the boundary between life and death. Read More
  • Menu
    Here's the definition of a menu in WordPress. Read More
  • Page
    In WordPress, a page is a post type that is used for more static content and is not shown alongside standard posts in the chronological listing of WordPress blog posts. Read More
  • Paragraph Block
    Here is how to use the paragraph block in the WordPress block editor. Read More
  • How to Install a WordPress Plugin
    In WordPress, a plugin is an easily-installed PHP code that adds functions to your WordPress website. Read More
  • Post
    In WordPress a Post is the basic post type that is shown, by default, in reverse chronological order. Read More
  • Wapuu
    Wapuu is the official WordPress mascot and looks kind of like it should be a Pokemon. Many types of Wapuus exist for different WordPress Wordcamps, plugins, and just for fun. They can be found at the official Wapuu website. Read More
  • Widget
    In WordPress, a Widget is content that you can add onto one of your website's sidebars by dragging and dropping. Read More
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