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How Many Social Media Accounts Should One Have?

In the last post, we looked at whether Zip (and you) need social media for your blog. And Zip decided to set up at least some accounts.

But how many social media accounts should you have and should you separate your personal and blog social media accounts?

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How Many Social Media Accounts Should I Have? Should you separate your personal and blog social media accounts?

In the previous post, Zip realized that he didn’t have any social accounts to stick in the “social icons” area in WordPress. We discussed whether his blog might need social media and some of the pros and cons of social media in general.

But how many social media accounts should you have? And should you separate your blog and personal social media accounts?

I ask myself this question all the time as I’m not one of the people who love social media.

How many social media accounts should I have?

There’s no magic number for how many social media accounts you “should” have. If you’re going to “do” social media, you’d best consider having at least a Facebook Page and Twitter account. Linkedin if you’re promoting business services. Pinterest, particularly if you have a food/crafts/family type blog or sell cute products.

Find what works — this may take some trial and error — and focus on that. If you have accounts that are doing nothing for you and driving you insane, get rid of them! But if you have a channel that doesn’t seem to do a lot for your blog, but you love it, keep it! 1

And should you separate your blog and personal social media accounts?

The way I see it is this: ask yourself, “Am I my blog.” Or, instead, “Does my blog represent me?”

Is your real name on the blog? Are you trying to promote yourself or your services? Is it all about you — and will it stay that way?

Then you probably don’t want to separate your personal and social media accounts. However, if YOU are a brand, you might need to be careful what you’re tweeting out on that social media account. It will be easier to manage, to boot! 2

Do you plan to have guest writers at some point and plan to make yours a multi-author blog? Is your blog or business and entity unto itself or do you have a shop? Are you an anonymous blogger? Do you blog under a pseudonym? Do you want to separate your posts about your cats from your food blog content? 3

Then it makes sense for you to separate your blog and personal social media.

Of course, the trouble with this is that you have many more social media accounts to track. You’ll do better on some channels (Twitter in particular) if you constantly engage. And that is real engagement, not just auto-posting questions from your social media queue. You might run into a sort of social identity crisis: what do I post where?

If you don’t relish in social media and have several accounts, some will probably get the short shrift. There are ways to make managing multiple social media accounts easier. We’ll go through some of them in the next post.

Now, I’ve come to the place where I plan to keep a social media presence for my blogs but not put excessive pressure on myself to be constantly engaging. That may, perhaps, not be the perfect recipe for blog success, but it allows me more time to engage, rather, in offline things that I love like wandering around outside, spending time with family, or reading a good (often paper) book.

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References and Footnotes
  1. Unless, of course, you find that it’s actually driving visitors away.[]
  2. However, I’d still recommend creating a separate Facebook Page for your blog and separating it from your personal Facebook account.[]
  3. Though I’ve found my daughter’s maxim of “put a cat on it, then they’ll read it” to be true.[]
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