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Having Trouble Saving Social Statuses in a WordPress Plugin? That Emoji Might Be to Blame!

This is a rare problem, but one that wasted hours of my time until I found out what was causing it.

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If you’re using a plugin for social sharing or posting and find out that your sharing status will not save, one unusual suspect may be that emoji.

I’m experimenting with a plugin to auto-post new posts and updates to social media, but found that statuses I set up weren’t saving. I would say “saved,” but then I’d return only to find that all of my changes were GONE.

Needless to say, this caused me hours of frustration as I disabled plugins, messed around with optimization settings, caching…all of those things you usually do when you are having trouble with a plugin.

Nothing worked. The statuses would save…sometimes. But not usually.

And then, after realizing that emoji-free statuses were saving 1 I realized the problem. It was the UNICORN!

sharing status will not save due to emojis

No, not that unicorn. This one: 🦄. And the unicorn wasn’t working alone. It wasn’t just the unicorn but certain emojis that were causing statuses not to save.

Emojis Are Unicode

Emojis are, of course, made of code.

Unicode would suggest ONE character, right?

Most emojis you use are made of several characters — the basic one and then more on top of that to modify it. This is a simplistic explanation, but my understanding of the emoji is pretty simplistic.

If you go to a website like emojipedia, where you can copy and paste emojis, you can find the code for the emoji you’re planning on using.

sharing status will not save due to emojis

The Unicorn is A Seven-Character Emoji

What my “detective” work finally uncovered is that the unicorn is a seven-character emoji. And this is what the plugin didn’t like.

It would save statuses that used emojis with six characters, but more than that and it wouldn’t save my carefully crafted status. 2 So ☕ was OK, but 🎉was right out!

The number of characters in an emoji, it turns out, has other implications as well. You emojis take up some of your character allocation on Twitter.

So what to do when sharing status will not save due to emojis?

Did I promise solutions? My solution, thus far, has been not to use seven character emojis in autoposting statuses. Reserve the unicorn for direct social posts.

This, of course, has restricted my expression of emotion in my infrequent social posts considerably;)

One thing I tried 3 was to change my database collation to utf8mb4 as this apparently worked for someone who was having issues saving emojis in Yoast. This might work for you; it hasn’t for me.

Have you encountered this issue and have you found a solution? Comment and let us know!
Have you encountered this issue and have you found a solution? Comment and let us know!x

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References and Footnotes
  1. The plugin was supposed to work with emojis.[]
  2. “OMGLOLWTF.” My writing has deteriorated.[]
  3. And in case you might ask, yes, I made sure that there was nothing on my website disabling emojis. And, yes, I did let the plugin developer know.[]
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