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Welcome to Books and Blogging!

This was a post I wrote before I "rebranded" this website. I've decided to focus on two of my passions (or is it just two?) anyways, Books (and book reviews and words) and Blogging (WordPress tips and writing). So this website has a new domain and a new look -- look forward to some new posts in the near future!

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CaffeineJournal was a project that started during COVID quarantine when I just couldn’t bring myself to write about travel while canceling all of my impending trips.

Obviously, I know that “niche” blogs do best — I’ve said so in my post, but I saw this as ground to dump all of my various ideas to keep my other blog on point. I fully intend to keep writing my travel blog but life has changed since COVID. I don’t plan to travel as much as I had hoped, even when travel resumes…and that’s OK. I’ve started making things, something I hadn’t done for a long time. So, a bit more of a homebody.

But, while it’s not my hope to make a ton of money blogging, I’m also finding it’s not necessarily satisfying for the author OR the readers of a blog with a bit of everything.

So I’m going to be refocusing this blog, sometime in the near-ish future.

What do I like? I love books, reading, writing, and words. I love blogging (when not having WordPress issues), and I’ve come to love making things. I also love being outside and going places, but that’s for another blog.

I’ve had a domain name called tryitspace.com which I used to use for demo websites for clients. I actually do NOT love doing web design for other people, at least not often. TryitSpace is going to be my new home for posts about things to make and the shop.

My personal posts are going to be offset elsewhere, and this site is going to become Books and Blogging. Both are subjects I feel very motivated to write about. I’ll be making a few edits now directly on this website and then will continue to gussie up the website elsewhere and finally change the domain name.

I am still accepting guest posts but only ones on the wide subject of — you guessed it — books or blogging. If you create a user account in the interim while we’re changing the website, I may need you to re-authorize it after the domain name is complete.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


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