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Privacy & Terms & Conditions


We value your privacy. But we do use third-party services we need to disclose. We use tools on our website to help you control your choices in keeping with laws in your area. These tools auto-generate privacy and cookie policies as we make changes to our website. So they may sound strange, but are the best detailed report of cookies currently in use on our website.

As well as a cookie policy that is regularly updated as it is generated by scans of cookies on our website.

However, please know that while we do use personalized ads and the like on our website, we do not sell the data you provide on our website. That is, information you provide in your user account or by signing up for our email list will not be sold to third parties. You may, however, disclose some information to us by use of forms and such on our website and you may disclose information to others by listing yourself in the member directory or participating in comments, groups, forums, etc.

Deleting your information

If you wish to do a data deletion, you may email us at hello@booksandblogging.com but you may also log in, go to your account page and find a tab at the bottom where you can erase your data.

Registration terms and conditions.

We require user registration to add content such as posts, book reviews, or glossary terms. Membership comes with other “perks” such as being able to create notes and bookmark content, create groups, and add badges to your account if you like that sort of thing.

It also comes with responsibility. You can choose to “friend” or follow other members, send messages, form groups and the like. But we ask that you follow some rules to keep it nice and acknowledge some possible privacy issues. By creating a member account I agree:

  • That I have had the opportunity to look at the privacy policy that applies to me (see above).
  • That I understand by registering for an account and choosing to make my profile show in the member directory, I am choosing to disclose some personal information.
  • I agree to play nice on this website. While it’s OK to respectfully debate when you don’t agree with an idea, flaming, trolling, abusive language, hateful speech, and the like will not be tolerated. If I engage in behavior such as this, I may be warned and/or banned, particularly if we receive ongoing flags about such comments.
  • I will not use this system to advertise to other registered members. I will not spam them with ads or abuse the messaging system for marketing purposes.
  • I agree that I am over 13 years of age, at least.
  • I agree not to post adult content or photos, either as a post or to my profile. I will also not submit posts or add photos that condone hateful speech or acts.
  • I understand that I can delete my member profile and its data at any time from my account, however, posts and recipes I have submitted may remain on the site and not be deleted along with my data.
  • I understand that if I sign up for email newsletters and subsequently delete my user account here, it does not mean I will automatically be unsubscribed from the email newsletter. However, you can do that at any time from a link in any email newsletter you might receive.

Submitting Content

We welcome guest posters and a variety of content and am, in general, more lenient here than on other websites I’ve had. However, we do not accept any and all content we receive.

Here’s more about submitting posts on our website:

  • We don’t accept content that is pornographic, promotes hate, violence, or discrimination, or links to known spam or scam sites.
  • We have the right to refuse to publish a post for any reason. However, we will sometimes publish items with which we don’t agree; the opinions of guest posters don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of this website’s admin.
  • Will will likely share your post on our social media. However, in some cases, we may choose to not do so.
  • You may place your own affiliate links in a guest post. However, if you do so you MUST mark them as “nofollow” and “sponsored.” If you do NOT know how to do this, we may do so before we publish it. Note that we also place our own affiliate links and some are automatically inserted. This may occur in your post if you are writing about one of our affiliate partners. If we accept sponsored posts in the future, we’ll find a way to block auto-inserted links.
  • If you place ANY affiliate links in your post, you MUST place a blurb near the beginning of your post disclosing that there are links for which you may be compensated.
  • We don’t accept guest posts that are purely advertising or promotional — if your post is promotional, please contact us to inquire about sponsored posts.
  • Do we accept “dofollow” links? I know that’s the top question we’ll get asked in emails. And the answer is “it depends.” Our opinion is that links should be related to the topic and support it in some way. So, here’s a general guideline:
    • In most cases, we will nofollow homepage links.
    • If you link points to an article that supports the topic, we’ll allow it to be dofollow.
    • Products are a murky area. If you’re writing about terrific octopus decor for your home and you’re linking to a product for a company with which you do not own and have no relationship with, and the product relates to your post, and you’re putting it there just because it’s an awesome product, we may dofollow it.
  • We cannot currently pay for content. We may have a budget for that in the future or, on some occasions may seek out paid content. But you acknowledge that you won’t receive compensation for your post from us unless we’ve made specific arrangements in advance.
  • Unless you have paid us for a sponsored post, we will likely show ads in and alongside your post. As we use an ad network, we do not control what those ads may be.
  • Can you republish content? You may add a post here that’s been published elsewhere, IF you own it and if you include the link to the original source with your post so we can credit your page as canonical.
  • If you are submitting a book review: Please enter the ISBN of the book and the number of review stars it should receive along with your submission.
  • We prefer a minimum length of 300 words for posts.
  • Please include a featured image. We prefer vertical featured images for book and movie reviews, a square image with the quote on it for quotes, and rectangular featured images for other posts. The Facebook Ad size of 1200px x 628px is ideal as a featured image size for most posts.
  • If you are submitting a quote, please include a square image with your quote on it, if possible. Your quote submission shouldn’t just be the quote but a post with commentary on it as well.
  • Please use the above form to submit a post. Please do NOT email us with a list of potential posts and ask which one we would like.
  • If you have questions about submitting content or are having issues with the form, you can post a question in our FAQ forum.

Shop Policies

We’re running a small shop for fun and to support our blogging habits. Please read the following regarding making purchases from our shop:


We use either PayPal or Stripe as a processor. Through those, we accept most major credit cards as well as Google pay.


We use USPS for shipping most often. We strive to ship physical items within two business days of purchase.

In the case that we sell any downloadable items such as graphics, etc, the download will be available after payment is completed and processed.


Our return policy depends on the type of goods purchased.

Physical Goods

We do a low volume of sales and most of our items are, in part, handmade.

We will accept returns that are unused and have any original packing (i.e. the box if an item came with a gift box) within 30 days of purchase. We will refund the price of the item, minus shipping.

If an item arrived damaged, we’ll process the full refund including the shipping unless you’d rather have us send you a replacement item or comparable item

Downloadable Items

Due to the nature of downloadable items, we cannot accept returns for downloads. If you have an issue with your download, please let us know how we can help.

Affiliate Items

From time to time we may come across items from other vendors that we especially like and choose to include these in our shop. If we include affiliate items in our shop, these will be clearly marked as such. Affiliate items are sold by third parties and when you click a link to an affiliate item, it will take your off site. Any purchases you make are then subject to the terms and conditions of that vendor. We may make a small commission off affiliate sales that goes towards paying for running this website.

Affiliate Links

We are a member of various affiliate programs, including the Amazon Associates program. If you click a link, and it’s an affiliate link, and then you make a purchase, we may get a small commission that offsets the cost of running this website.

We disclose affiliate links in various ways. Recently placed links by us will have a small tooltip disclosing that it’s an affiliate link. For older content, or for affiliate links placed by guest posters, there should be a disclosure at the beginning, or early on in the post.

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