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How to Change the Width of the Gutenberg Block Editor in WordPress

Is your block editor too narrow? Here are a few ways to change the maximum width of your post editor in WordPress.

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You’ve changed your theme, suddenly your block editor is 580px wide. To you, that’s way too narrow and you’d like a wider Gutenberg block editor interface. Here’s how to change the WordPress block editor width in a couple of ways.

The block editor at 580px wide

Use a Plugin to Change the WordPress Block Editor Width

The block editor after installing Editor Full Width Gutenberg

The Editor Full Width Gutenberg plugin will change your block editor to 100%. It does exactly what it says is it supposed to do. Only trouble? It’s a plugin-and-go plugin. It has no configuration options and you might find that right out of the “box” it is truly full width and you’ll find list numbers and such pushed outside the margins.

Add a Snippet to Functions.php

The block editor after adding the above snippet to functions.php

I added this into the functions.php for my child theme:

/*Wider Gutenberg Blocks*/
add_action('admin_head', 'wp_blocks_fullwidth');

function wp_blocks_fullwidth() {
    echo '<style>
        .wp-block {
            max-width: 80% !important;

This worked perfectly and I can change the percentage width to whatever I want. I only had one issue with this solution: I had to use !important to overcome the desire of my theme to cram my blocks into 580px of width, and I know that some will object.

Try This Solution

This solution by Block Lab uses a css snippet and a functions.php snippet to change the width of the block editor. You can find it here.

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