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Writer's Guidelines and Terms

Are you considering submitting an article or review?

Please read our writer's guidelines and terms below. If you're ready to proceed, please click the appropriate link below to submit your content.

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Standard Post

A regular post that is NOT a book review.

Books and Blogging

Book Review

Please use this form if you'd like to add a book review.

Did we already review this book? Don't submit a new review; add a comment.

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Glossary Term

Add a term to either our "lexicon" or our WordPress glossary.

Writer's Guidelines

Read on...

Books & Blogging accepts posts (as our domain name would imply) on subjects related to books and blogging:

Types of Content

Blog Posts

  • Book reviews (on any topic, fiction or nonfiction)
  • Book lists
  • Other subjects of interest to book lovers and readers
  • WordPress tips
  • Advice on blogging, including managing a “blogging life”

Glossary Terms

We keep a glossary of WordPress-related terms. We may also enjoy adding other glossaries from time to time.

If you’d like to submit a term, you may do so, but make sure it fits into one of our existing glossaries. Please also ensure that the term does not currently exist.

If it does, and you see an issue with the term, you may edit it.


Mostly for fun, we enjoy keeping an events calendar of book-related events on this website. We sometimes add upcoming book releases which we anticipate reading (or are at least interested in reading). You may add an event to our calendar, as well. Please make sure that your event related to either the topics of WordPress & Blogging or is a Book & Literary Event.

Terms & Conditions

  • We reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish a post or event and may remove content from our website at our discretion.
  • Please do NOT submit off-topic posts.
  • We cannot currently pay for content unless it’s by prior arrangement (at our initiation).
  • You may link to other websites in your post as long as they support your content. If your link is obviously commercial in nature, we’ll likely nofollow it. If your post is for the purpose of promoting a product or company, please consider it a sponsored post.
  • We will add the rel=”sponsored” tag to sponsored links in posts.
  • Please make sure that we haven’t already reviewed the book that you’d like to review. If we have, please either consider adding a comment to the existing review OR submitting a post that’s a response or rebuttal to the existing review.
  • If you’re submitting a post, you are asserting that you own the content and have the right to publish it. If your post was published previously elsewhere, please acknowledge that and provide the link so that, if we publish your post, we can provide the appropriate canonical reference.
  • If you’re submitting a book review and were provided an advance reading company by the publisher, please disclose this.
  • Please make sure that you use the correct form to submit content. We prefer that you use the form to submit content directly rather than email us with a pitch with a bunch of suggested topics. We cannot accept your post unless we actually read it.
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